Community Benefits Council

Collaborating to make change in the communities we serve.

The mission of Carney Hospital's Community Benefits Council is to support the hospital in implementing the annual Community Benefits Plan, and to work collaboratively with the hospital to identify and address some of the many health and wellness needs of our communities through research, discussion, maximization of community resources, and implementation of health and wellness programs and initiatives. The council also reviews needs assessments and annual plans, and helps guide and monitor the implementation of programs.

The Community Benefits Council is comprised of representatives from local health and human service agencies, and other community leaders. Members of Carney Hospital's Community Benefits Council include:

  • Tom Sands, President, Carney Hospital
  • Karen Ahearn, CNO/COO, Carney Hospital
  • Reverend John Ahern, Pastor, Tri Parish Area, Dorchester
  • Joseph Burnieika, Catholic Charities, Archdiocese of Boston
  • Windy Pham, Marketing Manager, Carney Hospital
  • Barbara Couzens, Community Health/Patient Advocate, Carney Hospital
  • Eleni Kontogli, Director of Marketing, Harbor Health Services
  • Nancy Mahon, Baycove Human Services
  • Antoine Junior Melay, Bunker Hill Community College
  • Glory Wideman-Hughes, The Boston Home