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Copeland Surgical Center Specializing in Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine

From minor scrapes to serious cuts and sores, the body has an amazing ability to heal itself. When the natural healing process is stressed, however, a simple sore can become a complex medical problem requiring specialized care. Wounds that do not heal properly may cause chronic pain, limited mobility and increased risk of infection.

Advanced technology and dedicated physician experts are essential for treating problem wounds. Carney Hospital’s Copeland Surgical Center specializing in Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine offers access to state-of-the-art outpatient treatment for patients with wounds that aren’t healing.

Most normal wounds start to heal within 30 days. Sometimes complicating factors such as poor circulation, diabetes or other conditions can interfere with the healing process. That's why a coordinated effort to evaluate and treat wounds is so important.

Our Experienced Team

Martin Williams, MD, serves as medical director for the wound care program. He is assisted by a team of experienced wound care physicians including M. Morey Farizan, MD, A. Ghosh Roy, MD, Kevin McBride, MD, and Charles Mahanor, MD. Clinical nurse coordinator, Eileen Maher, R.N., evaluates patients, provides education and is involved in case management. The team treats patients suffering from nonhealing wounds resulting from diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, neuropathy, radiation, trauma or other conditions.

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Comprehensive Care

The healing process at Carney includes the following steps:

  1. Referral. Patients may be referred to the wound care program by their primary care physician, vascular surgeon, oncologist or other specialist. The primary physician continues to manage the patient's primary health condition, such as diabetes or heart disease.
  2. Evaluation. The wound is evaluated to determine the specific cause for not healing and sometimes there may be an undiagnosed medical condition such as connective tissue disorders, diabetes or cancers.
  3. Treatment. Healing techniques on a weekly basis may include:
    • Wound dressings
    • Debridement (scraping away tissue to allow growth of new tissue)
    • Compression therapy
    • Offloading (positioning the body so pressure does not rest on the wound)
    • Tissue therapy (delivering live cells to the wound, created from biological ingredients in healthy skin)
    • Hyperbaric medicine (delivering oxygen to the wound by breathing 100 percent oxygen in a special chamber)
  4. Follow-up. Wounds are measured and photographed to track progress. There is an expectation to heal wounds 100% in 12 to 14 weeks.

Hyperbaric Medicine

The Copeland Surgical Center is equipped to provide hyperbaric oxygen treatment.  The patient breaths 100 percent oxygen while enclosed in a pressurized chamber at greater than normal atmospheric pressure. The chamber is a seamless acrylic pressure cylinder, which is fitted with a comfortable mattress and cushions.  The patient can listen to music or view programs via an external screen to the chamber.

Hyperbaric oxygen is recommended for chronic wounds when more standard treatments have failed. The majority of the patients achieve healing with out the need of hyperbaric oxygen treatment. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment and other modalities, however, may be indicated when a patient is at risk for limb amputation.

The Center

The wound care program at the Copeland Surgical Center offers the best of cutting-edge, high-quality treatment possibilities. We offer advanced wound healing techniques and hyperbaric oxygen therapy – services that haven't been available close to home before.

The ultimate goal is to improve quality of life for patients. Our program is completely devoted to healing problem wounds, and helping our patients resume the normal activities of daily life.

Contact Information

For more information about the wound care program, its treatments or to obtain a referral to schedule an appointment, call the Copeland Surgical Center at 617-506-4325 (HEAL).

Copeland Surgical Center
617-506-4326 (HEAL) 


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